10 Best Instagram Ad Examples to Check Out in 2022

best Instagram ad examples

As Instagram’s advertising options continue to roll out, more and more marketers will want to learn how they can take advantage of these features. Now that there are more than 300 million active users on Instagram, it makes sense to start experimenting with sponsored content in the hopes of reaching this wide audience. But what kinds of Instagram ad examples should you be looking at? Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far in 2017!

1- Adidas – FUTUREFLEX

This Adidas ad is great because it’s one of the few that has a clear call to action. The ad is telling people, you’re only as old as your mind allows you to be. This sentiment fits well with the company and its products, which are often marketed toward young people.

This post could have been improved if they had chosen different background colors for the text since the blue makes it difficult to read. It would also be helpful if they had included a link to their website or Instagram profile on this ad.

This Adidas ad is great because it’s one of the few that has a clear call to action.

2- Nike – Tell Me a Story

Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. With a social media following of over 150 million, Nike is able to take advantage of Instagram’s ad features and create campaigns that generate high-quality engagement. One such campaign is Nike’s Tell Me a Story campaign, which asks fans about their best memories on the field.

The company then posts these stories on its Instagram account as an interactive carousel ad that allows viewers to swipe through each story from beginning to end. This type of storytelling not only creates an emotional connection with users but also allows Nike to promote its products and services without being too pushy or aggressive.

3- Kylie Cosmetics – Top 5 Most Popular Lip Kit Shades

We found the top 5 most popular lip kit shades on the Kylie Cosmetics website and how you can use them to match different makeup styles. These lip kits were formulated with your new year’s makeup goals in mind. The one shade we couldn’t miss was Kylie’s famous blue brain.

These matte lipsticks make the perfect pop of color for a simple, feminine makeup look or they’re great for making smokey eye + red lipstick combos pop!

1- It’s fun to wear electric pink lipstick like True Brownie paired with the ultimate Barbie-meets-Kyoko vibe.

 2- If you’re more into dark lipstick, we love pairing Stone Cold with a bright pop of color.

 3- If you’re looking for a bold lip look that isn’t too out there, try pairing Met on Earth with a smoky eye like Kylie’s.

 4- Kylie classic: This bright teal lip looks amazing when paired with red lipstick. We recommend pairing it with a true brownie or matte liquid lipstick for the best results.

 5- Who doesn’t love good blue lipstick? Kylie made matte liquid lipstick famous and Stone Cold is her most popular shade of them all. This is one of our top 5 favorite lip kits because it goes with any makeup look: bright pink, yellow, gray eyeshadow, etc. It’s definitely a must-have.

4- Nike – Good vs. Evil

Nike’s ad Good vs. Evil highlights the theme of good and evil. It starts with a group of people running on a track, where an angel and devil are sitting in the bleachers. The people then get zapped by blue brain lightning and switch into either angels or demons, depending on their traits before they’re zapped. Nike’s message is that good will triumph over evil if we try hard enough; that is, Nike wants us all to be goody-two-shoes.

The video was released on the eve of the Olympics and was intended to promote the Nike+ app, which enables runners to track their workouts using GPS technology.

5- Pantene – A Day Made of Glass

For Pantene, marketing its products with social ads has been a recipe for success. The company’s A Day Made of Glass campaign, which ran from February 27th – March 5th, 2018, used Instagram Stories and videos to focus on the theme of building strong women and supporting their goals. 

Pantene – A Day Made of Glass (five sentences)

To highlight its message, Pantene created videos of real women from all walks of life sharing their goals and experiences. They focused on these videos as Instagram ad examples in 2022. The main video showed off strong and successful women like Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim, soccer player Sam Kerr, plus-size model Ashley Graham, actress Zendaya Coleman and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

6- Nike+ Running App

Nike+ Running App is one of the best Instagram ad examples for a fashion brand. The app uses an Instagram story ad example, which allows it to tell a more personal story that people want to be a part of. Nike+ Running App takes you through the process of designing your own running shoe and then delivers on its promise with this video: The Nike+ Running app is now available for iPhone 5s and newer models running iOS 11.

7- Coca-Cola – Share a Coke 2022

Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign is the best Instagram carousel ad example in my opinion. Since its inception, this campaign has spread across the globe and has had an immense amount of success. It was successful because it tapped into something that most people already like to do.

And that is sharing with others who might not have access or money to afford their own personal drink at the time. It doesn’t matter what size Coca-Cola you buy; you get a can of Share a Coke which is so popular they sell out almost as soon as it hit shelves.

8- Gillette Venus – Embrace

Gillette Venus – Embrace is one of the best examples of a carousel ad on Instagram. Not only does the ad have the company’s name and logo, but it also has a call-to-action button that lets you click through to their website. The video starts by showing a woman’s face and then zooms out onto her body as she gets dressed for work. It then jumps back to her face again as she grabs her keys off the table before heading out the door.

9- Nivea Men – The Challenge

Nivea Men’s Instagram story ad, The Challenge, is one of the best examples of an Instagram carousel ad. The ad starts with a close-up of a guy’s face looking surprised and happy, then pans out and shows him doing a variety of activities like playing tennis and skateboarding.

Another example of an Instagram carousel ad is Nivea Men’s The Challenge. This video starts with a close-up shot of the man’s face looking surprised, but also happy before panning out to show him doing all sorts of activities like playing tennis or skateboarding.

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10- Toyota Camry – Let’s Go Places

Toyota Camry is one of the most popular family vehicles on the market. The car is known for its reliability, safety features, and fuel efficiency. Toyota Camry has a long history of being a reliable car for families. It’s no wonder that Toyota Camry is ranked as the most popular vehicle in America for over three years running.

Toyota Camry also won a 2022 American Automobile Association (AAA) award for being among the top 10 longest-lasting models. The list goes on and on but we should mention that this isn’t an ad or endorsement by us of any kind – just some interesting facts about one of our favorite vehicles!

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